About Us

Our Story

How It Started

The company was founded in 1994 and it has a long tenure in communication and advertising projects in a wide array of industries. For almost three decades it was part of Publicis Group.

Today, Red Lion is a legacy company, in charge of developing DOC, a digital direct to patient/consumer platform, and DOC PRO, a portal dedicated to patient recruitment and subject enrollment for clinical research.

DOC PRO relies on a complex organization with a team of multi-disciplinary professionals, specialized in a variety of area of expertise: physicians experienced in clinical trials, healthcare professionals with extensive background in regulatory aspects, psychologists, sociologists, experts in marketing and digital communication, medical writers, talented designers, skilled developers, etc.

Healthcare Expertise & Digital Know-how

Mutually beneficial to patients and sponsors

We aim to provide a dedicated engagement team that drives the process of identification and recruitment of suitable patients & subjects, using an extensive database of patients and targeted recruitment campaigns.
Healthcare Expertise & Digital Know-how

We are a part of something bigger

We’ve understood that Qualified Consumer Engagement is essential, so we developed an extensive network of Health & Well-being DOC Communities, Social Media pages specifically dedicated to different therapeutical areas, as well as a wide range of engagement tools.

DOC PRO & The DOC Ecosystem

Part of a community

DOC PRO, as part of DOC Ecosystem, is centred around patients’ needs and concerns. Inside of DOC Ecosystem, we are building a community that supports education and interaction for a smart lifestyle revolving around health innovation, in a simple and accessible way.

DOC PRO & The DOC Ecosystem


Our DOC Ecosystem synergy offers:

  • shared and loyal users
  • technological synergy
  • operational synergy
  • financial efficiency through lower and shared costs & high bargaining power
  • high quality customer service
  • loyalty & retention program synergy through unique account benefits
  • “clicks to bricks” integration for healthcare products & services