About Us

Our Vision

Drive Evolution in the Industry

Recruitment Partnership

Our vision is to be the preferred subject & patient recruitment partner that drives the evolution of the industry by supporting the delivery of innovative, life-changing treatments, as well as having a key-point role in reaching patients in need of medical services. We understand the client’s needs, the importance of time, cost, and quality and are able to guarantee these metrics are met.

Our vision for our patients

We are committed to empowering patients everywhere by providing safe, direct, and equal access to clinical trials and research studies. An amazing technology, online platform, and brand that resonates with patients assisting them in finding clinical trials and providing them with access to alternative treatments, DOC PRO allows patients to enroll in clinical trials from their phone or computer, providing them with not only access to cutting edge treatments, but also to information that could be life-changing.


DOC PRO is and will continue to break barriers for patients and help them get access to the information and treatments they need.

We work hard to make connections that matter in our approach to patient recruitment for important clinical trials.


We connect specialized tools with our team’s talent and expertise. Sophisticated data with our insight. And patients with hope. This is how we create patient and subject recruitment programs that thrive.