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The Most Complex Healthcare Online Portal in Romania

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The DOC Universe

Dr. Oana Cuzino

DOC is the largest Romanian community based on scientifical content and ethical communication on the online healthcare and lifestyle segment.


It was founded by Dr. Oana Cuzino, Geriatrician, Doctor in Medical Sciences, and former host (for 18 years!) of one of the most successful health TV shows in Romania. Throughout her career, Dr. Oana Cuzino brought to millions of Romanian homes quality medical and lifestyle information through interviews with top physicians and specialists.

The DOC Universe

A Digital Platform for the 21st Century

DOC was designed in the same spirit of offering quality medical and lifestyle related content, in the form of a digital platform for the 21st century, one that offers a 24/7 media experience, constantly updated and engaging. At DOC, we believe that only such a “360 degrees” portal can truly provide for the needs and concerns of modern individuals.

Our mission is to provide for our users a complete experience, one that starts with information and education, but goes way beyond and all the way to finding the best solutions, facilitating access to the most advanced and precise investigations, diagnostics and treatments. This is why we constantly search for durable partnerships with likeminded professionals that can offer the best quality services.