Why Engage with the DOC Disease Campaigns?

Disease Campaigns Created to Help You Improve Your Health

Discover Potential Health Risks & More

The DOC Disease Campaigns

DOC Disease Campaigns are a great way to help you discover potential health risks for specific illnesses or assess how well your current treatment is performing.


Our DOC Disease Campaigns are designed by our mixed team of healthcare professionals and digital experts, which make them reliable assessment tools built in a user-friendly manner.

Discover Potential Health Risks & More

Fast & reliable self-assessment

These campaigns are focused around specific health aspects and include a questionnaire for self-assessment. Based on the results, you can be eligible for discounted or even free consultations or medical services, provided by our carefully selected partners.


The process is fast and easy – all you need is a registered account in the DOC Universe and you’re all set up to answer the couple of questions in the campaign questionnaire. And the account itself is also quick to register and 100% free to create!

DOC Disease Campaigns Benefits