Sponsors & CROs

Recruitment & Retention

Our average track record from previous disease campaigns that we set up and managed 

120.000+ page views for the dedicated campaign microsite

62.000+ unique users who accessed the campaign microsite

5.5+ millions reach in social media platforms

450.000+ engagement in social media

19.000+ proprietary newsletter base

550+ quizzes completed

How We Boost Patient Recruitment


Extended organic reach thanks to the diverse audience built via DOC’s owned & earned digital communication channels. 


Informative and user friendly Landing Pages or Microsites, customized for your study + access to relevant DOC articles.

Online Screening

Patient sign-ups included in all packages, but you can also opt for custom pre-qualification digital questionnaires. 

Site Selection

All forms include a list of all available sites and instructions are provided for reaching them.


Fast & user-friendly registration, with multiple login options.

Phone Screening

GCP trained operators, thoroughly instructed in regards to your study. 

Site Referral & Support

  • Direct scheduling
  • Calendar integration
  • Communication with patients via their preferred medium
  • Patient phone support 
  • Administrative support 
  • More, depending on your chosen enrollment plan