About Us

Our Team

Georgiana Salem

HR Guru, CRIO Wizard, Skilled Liaison Officer, Invaluable Asset

Ionut Fronea

Pharmacologist extraordinaire, with an eye for scientifical research protocols

Roxana Popescu

Queen of reporting, Skilled Project Manager, Tamer of all Excel files

Top Tier Team

At DOC PRO we bring together talented people from completely different backgrounds, such as medical science, pharmaceutical, public health, technology, operations, marketing, and digital communication with two things in common: a unique passion for our Patients and Clients, and an unmatched determination to get the job done. This diverse group of high-performing individuals is operating together as a cohesive team, with unmatched positive passion. The combination of this amazing team with the platform delivers outstanding results for patients, clients, and stakeholders.


Our team is ready to support your new patient recruitment challenge – backed by an extensive group of creatives, analysts, project managers, media buyers, and more. ​