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Depression and anxiety are certainly major mental health issues in the modern world. Globally, around 5% of all adults are clinically depressed, while roughly 4% of the entire world population struggles with anxiety disorders. Both can be debilitating mental disorders and even though therapeutic options exist, not even pharmacology has proven to be fully effective in all cases. Further research is surely very much needed. Meanwhile, we created a community for all those suffering from depression and anxiety, but also for those close to them, since their lives are also significantly impacted. Our community is a place where anyone can read about symptoms and diagnoses, treatment and therapeutic options, care and lifestyle, etc. There is also a section dedicated to medical news on the subject, plus an Expert ready to answer to particular questions. Our Depression & Anxiety Community in numbers:

115+ scientifically documented and regularly updated articles

200K+ users / year who access the community content

325K+ page views / year for the community content

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